About Me

Viktor Fejes is a high-end post-production artistmainly focusing on the still imagewith an international clientele, including major companies, magazines, and celebrities. He is the founder and CEO of GILD Studios, a renowned boutique retouching studio known for going the extra mile.

Viktor has been using Adobe Photoshop® since he was eight, and he picked up his first book on Autodesk Maya® when he was fourteen. All his life he immersed himself in different projects that helped him propel his life to where it is now one way or another.

As a result of one of his obsessions, the English language, he received his BA in English Linguistics with Summa Cum Laude in 2012. At the same time he started his BA he started taking on paying clients as a retoucher at his first one person company. Later, he got into ELTE, Hungary’s primary university, to pursue an MA degree in American Linguistics, but dropped out as he already saw his career going in another direction.

From then on Viktor’s career took off. He started working with bigger name photographers, international brands, and Hollywood celebrities. At the end of 2016 he founded GILD Studios, a renowned boutique retouching studio.

As a side project, he started teaching. He has spoken at conferences, like CreativeLive‘s Photo Week or the Hungarian Annual PhotoExpo; recorded classes for the prestigious online educational websites, KelbyOne and Karl Taylor Education; and held his own workshops with sold-out seats.

Even though Viktor has clients all over the world from Shanghai to Los Angeles, most of his business is in the US. Therefore, in 2017 he applied for a green card to move his company to the States. In 2018 he has officially become an Alien with an Extraordinary Ability green card holder by proving to be in the top 1% of his field.

Viktor is known for his impeccable skin work, attention to detail, color grading, and fast turnaround time. His motto he learned from his grandfather: if you do something do it to the best of your abilities.

Some of My Courses on the Web

Here is a short list of selected premium courses I have taught/recorded over the years that I recommend you check out. I keep this list updated, so make sure to check back later.

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